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muth-coins.pdf Susanne Muth Article on media aspects of Roman coins. Published online as part of conference proceedings (Ikonotexte, Gießen/ Rauischholzhausen, February 2005). 2008-06-03 2,8mb
muth-violence.pdf Susanne Muth Article on the historical interpretation of violence in visual media. 2008-06-08 17,9mb
The Ear of the Beholder Katharina Lorenz The Ear of the Beholder: Spectator figures and narrative structure in Pompeian painting, in Art History 30, 2007, 665-682 2008-06-09
Showing Seeing Centre Podcast Katharina Lorenz Podcast on the Showing Seeing Centre of the Department of Classics, University of Nottingham 2008-06-25 20,5mb
Video Conference Podcast Image in Crisis project members Recording of the first Image in Crisis video conference (Nottingham - Berlin, October 24th 2008) 2008-11-08 136mb